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Three years as an Apache Member

My first involvement with the Apache projects was back to 2018 on the Apache Flink project.

With the contribution around Flink's high-availability service that is backed by Apache Curator and Apache ZooKeeper, I was invited as a committer of Flink in 2019, and a PMC member of Curator in 2020.

In 2022, Ning Jiang invited me to become a founding member of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF).

In March 2022, I noticed that Kvrocks was seeking for entering the ASF Incubator to develop its community better. According to the policy of Apache Incubator, I requested to be an Incubator PMC member and started acting as a mentor of the Kvrocks podling.

Apache Kvrocks has graduated in June 2023. And I gained a lot of experience for running a podling during its incubation. Here are all podlings I mentored:

Apache KvrocksApril 2022June 2023Mentor
Apache StreamParkSeptember 2022Champion and Mentor
Apache OpenDALFebruary 2023January 2024Champion and Mentor
Apache AnswerOctober 2023Mentor
Apache HoraeDBDecember 2023Champion and Mentor
Apache FuryDecember 2023Champion and Mentor

Besides, I participate in maintaining a few of Apache projects:

Apache FlinkSeptember 2019Committer
Apache InLongNovember 2019Committer and PMC Member
Apache CuratorAugust 2020Committer and PMC Member
Apache IncubatorApril 2022Committer and PMC Member
Apache PulsarNovember 2022Committer and PMC Member
Apache ZooKeeperJanuary 2023Committer

This cookbook documents:

  1. How to participate in an Apache project
  2. How to develop an Apache project community
  3. My understanding of The Apache Way

You can use it as an index or an unofficial explanation of ASF documents and policies. My personal interpretation and experience may help you succeed in the ASF. However, please never use this cookbook as an official reference in conversations.