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For Maintainers: Set up the project website


After the DNS setup has been done, the ASF provides and for your project.

To serving the project website at these domains, you need to add the following section in the .asf.yaml file under the repository you'd like to generate the static content:

whoami: asf-site

The .asf.yaml file containing this section should be placed under the default branch and the deploy branch.

For example, Apache Kvrocks uses apache/kvrocks-website repo for hosting the content of its project website. Both the main branch and the asf-site branch contains the .asf.yaml file with content as above.


What repository is the site repo?

There is no convention, but any repo having an .asf.yaml file with publish.whoami property.

It works for any LDAP having only one repo matching this condition. If you have a more complex scenario, file a ticket on ASF INFRA to discuss.

Must the name of deploy branch be asf-site?

No. You can choose any name, but keep it consistent in the default branch and the deploy branch.

Why does the site return 404 even I configure the .asf.yml file?

Please check once more the default branch and the deploy branch having the .asf.yml file with proper publish.whoami property set.

It's common that you configure the .asf.yml file in the default branch, but it isn't conveyed to the deploy branch.

What should I do if I have more than one site to set up for different domain name?

Please file a ticket on ASF INFRA to discuss and request. Here is an example: